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The one way to solve all romantic relationship problems is to approach them from the core of our own individual makeups. It is like the auto engineer approaching car problems from the engine's organogram and physiology. Most times, the explication of such deep-going approaches are couched in technical jargon and rigor, thereby denying millions access into the deep open realms in our individual psyches. But here, we are removing that technical barrier to enable anyone free access into what has, hitherto, been a region of secret knowledge of sorts.

"Physical attraction may be as old as time," says Oprah.com, "but new studies are beginning to uncover the science behind sex appeal". This is very true. One of the deepest truths ever revealed about the underground factors behind super-successful romance is to be found in Laura Freberg's Discovering Biological Psychology. But this truth is mostly locked up in technical jargon such as 'histocompatibility'. So, get ready as we adopt a highly simplified use of language to remove the technical barrier and go even far deeper than Laura did into the all-important gender core.

Behind the sex is the gender although over 80% of the so-called 'sexperts' are obviously unaware of these fine lines. This line of thought was behind a passage of verse I was inspired to write some time ago:

There is a war
From the natural law
Of the male-female core

My dear - believe it or leave it - there is a perennial inter-gender war going on among humans. It goes on non-stop. It is a psychological war that leads to its emotional version, and then, to the physical many times. But it was, first of all, a metaphysical war that anyone could have sorted out by themselves if they saw things a bit more clearly.

This war is the cause of every dating and mating problem we have on Earth. It means that, if you can understand the inter-gender war, you will have the hang of all romantic relationship problems in one sweep. You need this to be safe from thousands and millions of avoidable emotional aches that eat away on millions of people across the wide world.

I am inspired to help whoever is serious about successful romance - one in which they are TRULY fulfilled. I am sharing my inspiration in this online meditative retreat entitled Understanding The Inter-gender War From The Core. The retreat embodies what I prefer to call humanity's first attempt at a direct philosophy of romance. To get further updates on the retreat, join our Mating and Dating Group (Click here) for now.

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