A Simple Google Search Exposes A Possible Massive Terror Sponsorship In Nigeria From Iran

Great things can be discovered in little things. One of our researchers recently discovered a possible massive sponsorship of terrorism in Nigeria from Iran. 
This is something everyone can actually test for themselves. He keyed in the words "can you send..." and this is what he got:

This may not be any cause for concern to anyone until you understand a little of Google's search algorithm. When you key a set of words into the Google search field, you get a list of suggestions as displayed on the image above. The suggestion that tops the list represents the highest volume of search under that keyword.
What this means, in this case, is that there is an overwhelmingly large number of people seeking to send money to Nigeria from Iran. Next, you consider the fact that there is relatively little that Nigerians and Irans have in common in terms of trade and investment, inter-country migrations, diplomatic ties, and the like. How come there is such a huge volume of search queries f…


To summount their Corona virus, We must anchor on Christ Jesus: He's our sole help in times like this And shall restore our era of bliss. Let's not worry, tremble or bother For He cares for us like no other. Soon the pandemic will be over And we'll live to praise Him ever. Those who rely on church buildings And do only their pastors' biddings Could still pray themselves out At home, if they've spiritual clout. Our Jesus is far above their virus And assures us it is well with us. He is our umpire to life and death And reigns supreme over the earth.
By Chukwuma Nwankwo Ali

A Solidarity of Prayer Against COVID-19: Let's Pool Our Spiritual Resources In These Three Simple Steps

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Believe it or leave it, whenever and wherever we pool our spiritual resources, unimaginable things cannot but happen. This is not about religion. It's rather about spirituality (reality). So, let's join our spiritual forces in a union of prayer thus:

1. PRAY PERSONALLY AND IN WORD:"Oh you senseless of people" says the Lord, "do you think that he who made the ear cannot hear? Or that he who made the eye cannot see?". (Psalm 94:8,9). 

Many of us have been wasting our spiritual resources on negative emotions like fear and worry over COVID-19. That's certainly because we have lost sight of God and what he can do. Now, let's realize ourselves and use what we have: the power to reach Heaven from the Earth. Take the above Heavenly rebuke to heart. It's not just an ancient rebuke. Instead, it makes absolute logical sense even in the most scientific corridors of the 20th Century: He who made the ear must be able to hear and hear fa…

Intro Episode 1: Faith Is A Reality Program

One evening, after I had been in spirit for almost all day, I saw this spectacular scene unfold before my inner eyes: A group of evangelicals was gathered for a prayer meeting in a hall. Soon, they went into a frenzy and were singing, 

"Soon and very soon, we are going to see the Lord; Soon and very soon, we are going to see the Lord; Soon and very soon, we are going to see the Lord; Alleluia, alleluia, we are going to see the Lord".

As these 'spirit-filled' evangelicals were singing, suddenly, a group of Jihadists struck, shooting sporadically and shouting 'Allahu Akbar!'.

Guess what happened. This is what: Those evangelicals abandoned their prayers, praise, and worship and ran for their dear lives. At this point, the vision ceased and I heard an inner voice that said: "How could they be running from demons when they are filled with the Christ who is the slayer of demons?" Further, I was enlightened to understand that the scene of the vision was what …

BEHOLD HOW POWERFUL THOU ART: Natural Secrets To Spiritual Powers For Every Human (Intro Episode 2)

WARNING:  Dear Reader! Here is a reminder: This is a free-for-all online meditative retreat that is deeply inspired to expose YOU to you in a way you may never have imagined in your life. At the end of it, you are going to be able to start manifesting extraordinary abilities through the application of your inbuilt faculties. So, if you must be a part of it, you need to prepare your mind. Then, although it is 100% free of charge, it may not be for you. Therefore, find out below if it is really for YOU. 

My name is Desmond. With time, you will get to know a lot about me - because I've really been through a lot. My experiences have been the main source as well as the background of these lessons I am here to share with you. 

I am not a millionth as important as the message I have for you. So, while you will get to hear some of my stories, in the meantime, I have something particularly important to share with you. It's about the Supernatural YOU. One thing is sure: If you are an earn…


Behold, how powerful thou art Who playest the human part In the grandiose Divine art Behold, and take this to heart And rule over every deathly dart

I wrote the above lines one day as I felt a direct connection with 'power as of old'. I knew without a single doubt that the stories of the extraordinary told in the ancient scriptures about ancient people are current utter possibilities for every modern soul. Then, I found myself scribbling lines in the scripture-favored Old English. But then, this doesn't mean adherence to any religion whatsoever.
If you will discover the REAL YOU, then, you have to change your attitude from fundamentally religious to fundamentally REALISTIC even without losing sight of the basic truth of religion. And so, I tell you that when the holy writ said that humans are made in the LIKENESS OF GOD, that’s more of the reality than religion. After all, there wasn’t any religion in existence at the time the statement is reported to have been made, that is, th…


The one way to solve all romantic relationship problems is to approach them from the core of our own individual makeups. It is like the auto engineer approaching car problems from the engine's organogram and physiology. Most times, the explication of such deep-going approaches are couched in technical jargon and rigor, thereby denying millions access into the deep open realms in our individual psyches. But here, we are removing that technical barrier to enable anyone free access into what has, hitherto, been a region of secret knowledge of sorts.
"Physical attraction may be as old as time," says, "but new studies are beginning to uncover the science behind sex appeal". This is very true. One of the deepest truths ever revealed about the underground factors behind super-successful romance is to be found in Laura Freberg's Discovering Biological Psychology. But this truth is mostly locked up in technical jargon such as 'histocompatibility'. S…