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A Simple Google Search Exposes A Possible Massive Terror Sponsorship In Nigeria From Iran

Great things can be discovered in little things. One of our researchers recently discovered a possible massive sponsorship of terrorism in Nigeria from Iran.  This is something everyone can actually test for themselves. He keyed in the words " can you send... " and this is what he got: This may not be any cause for concern to anyone until you understand a little of Google's search algorithm. When you key a set of words into the Google search field, you get a list of suggestions as displayed on the image above. The suggestion that tops the list represents the highest volume of search under that keyword. What this means, in this case, is that there is an overwhelmingly large number of people seeking to send money to Nigeria from Iran. Next, you consider the fact that there is relatively little that Nigerians and Irans have in common in terms of trade and investment, inter-country migrations, diplomatic ties, and the like. How come there is such a huge volume of search quer