Behold, how powerful thou art
Who playest the human part
In the grandiose Divine art
Behold, and take this to heart
And rule over every deathly dart

I wrote the above lines one day as I felt a direct connection with 'power as of old'. I knew without a single doubt that the stories of the extraordinary told in the ancient scriptures about ancient people are current utter possibilities for every modern soul. Then, I found myself scribbling lines in the scripture-favored Old English. But then, this doesn't mean adherence to any religion whatsoever.

If you will discover the REAL YOU, then, you have to change your attitude from fundamentally religious to fundamentally REALISTIC even without losing sight of the basic truth of religion. And so, I tell you that when the holy writ said that humans are made in the LIKENESS OF GOD, that’s more of the reality than religion. After all, there wasn’t any religion in existence at the time the statement is reported to have been made, that is, the dawn of creation. I am here, therefore, to show you how much of a LIKENESS OF GOD that you actually are.

Today, we have different religions fighting to own God. But I tell you, “in the beginning, it wasn’t so” as Jesus would say (Matthew 19:8). All the great teachers like Moses and Jesus Christ came to teach the world about the reality of God. But, over the years, people - appearing to be their followers - would bastardize their teaching and turn it into a divisive religion. Is it any wonder then that these religions clearly lack the promised power? 

There was no religion and so, no division in the first three chapters of Genesis. Religion and division set in after humanity sinned and fell short of God’s glory. That was when humanity began to know division. The first division occasioned by the fallenness of humanity was that between the two brothers Cain and Abel. From there, the unity and purity of Genesis continued to die until, in Exodus, we began to hear about the Israelites side-by-side with the Jebusites, Canaanites, and all sorts of ‘-ites’. I repeat, “in the beginning, it wasn’t so”.

Therefore, religion is a manifestation of degenerate humanity. 

Or, have we forgotten that whether Israelite or Jebusite,  Americasite or Iranite,  Christianite or Hinduite, all were children of Adam ab initio? And, by ‘Adam’ I mean the first human that ever existed (not just a character in a religious fable - 'adam' is simply a Hebrew word for 'human'). 

Yes, we can be absolutely sure that we all came through Adam because, before him, there was zero human being on Earth. So, any human being whosoever that existed after him certainly came through him. Thus, all of humanity (including the Jews, the Buddhists, the Christians, the Muslims, and all the rest of us) have a common parent in Adam.

So, if Adam was the first human ‘child of God’ and EVERYONE sprang from him (Adam), then, all humans are God’s offsprings (ie. beings that spring off from God himself). “For we are all God’s children” even as the Greek pagan wise men Homer and Aratus wrote hundreds of years before the Jewish Christian preacher Paul affirmed it (Acts 17:28). If Homer, Aratus, and Paul were inspired by contrary spirits, would they have agreed in this manner? Of course no. Therefore, genuine spirituality knows no boundary of religions, tribes, color, or whatever else.

Here is another instance: When the second Adam (Jesus Christ) was born, the religion-less and division-less beginning was instantly restored and humanity began afresh. That’s why the first people that Heaven revealed the birth of the Christ to were adherents of Eastern paganism, the magi from the East (Matthew 2:1-12). Those magi were in the same league as Homer and Aratus. And, isn't it the irony of all history that countless divisive religious denominations would soon be forming around the name of the Christ who came to "break down the walls of partition between us" (Eph. 2:14)? Lol! But, that's degenerate humanity for you.

So, why did Heaven choose to reveal the birth of the Christ to these Eastern pagans rather than any of the Israelites following the so-called Law of Moses? The reason is that the Almighty Creator is actually a religion-less Being and we are all his offsprings. If the spirit of the Christ was contrary to the spirit that led the magi from the East, could they have been guided to find the Christ and give him gifts at his birth? Your guess is as good as mine. God works with any vessel that is available to him, not members of certain organized religions.

So please, listen very carefully. I am here to expose YOU to you if only you would pay attention. I will practically and clearly demonstrate it to you that you are truly a LIKENESS OF GOD in ability, eternity, and in reality WHOEVER YOU ARE. You don't have to belong to any religion. What people refer to as ‘spiritual powers’ or 'occultic powers' are naturally yours to wield if you only knew yourself really well. This is one thing your religious leaders don't want you to know lest you'd become free from their slavery. It's one reason they denigrate words like 'occultic' to make it sound basically evil. But that will soon be over with you.

This retreat will also prepare you to live a zero-fear lifestyle when you are absolutely certain that YOU can never die (you are eternal). But you can never know yourself REALLY well until you know yourself based on stark reality rather than ambiguous religious dogma. So, hence, get ready to think in terms of reality rather than religion as we discuss spirituality.


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