Intro Episode 1: Faith Is A Reality Program

One evening, after I had been in spirit for almost all day, I saw this spectacular scene unfold before my inner eyes: A group of evangelicals was gathered for a prayer meeting in a hall. Soon, they went into a frenzy and were singing, 

"Soon and very soon, we are going to see the Lord; Soon and very soon, we are going to see the Lord; Soon and very soon, we are going to see the Lord; Alleluia, alleluia, we are going to see the Lord".

As these 'spirit-filled' evangelicals were singing, suddenly, a group of Jihadists struck, shooting sporadically and shouting 'Allahu Akbar!'.

Guess what happened. This is what: Those evangelicals abandoned their prayers, praise, and worship and ran for their dear lives. At this point, the vision ceased and I heard an inner voice that said: "How could they be running from demons when they are filled with the Christ who is the slayer of demons?" Further, I was enlightened to understand that the scene of the vision was what was actually taking place in the real world of the 20th Century.

Then almost immediately, another vision resumed: I saw what looked like two doors leading to two adjacent rooms. On the door to the left, I saw 'RELIGION' boldly printed. On the door to the right, I saw the words 'REALITY' and 'SPIRITUALITY' superimposed in such a way that they are actually one word with one meaning. Following this, a voice again said "religion is mouthing God while reality (spirituality) is living God".

Days after that, further enlightenment was delivered on the vision and I got the following message:

Faith is all you need to have whatever you need in life. But, having faith is not about being unreal (as in religious dogmas). Rather, if faith is faith indeed, it leans on a Real Being and it is in a real situation. You don't need faith when you don't have to. If you can only exercise your faith in an unreal situation but fidget in real situations (like those evangelicals in my vision), then, that is because you actually don't think the one you put your faith in is real. That is exactly what your subconscious holds to be true: that the object of your faith is not real. 

This is why the whole point of 'Behold How Powerful' Online Retreat is to make God as real as reality can get. It is like a practical faith training or faith-building program. If people have reasons to undergo special programs in less important areas like muscle-building and job capacity-building, then, there should also be a special program of faith-building. Actually, your faith is like your spiritual muscle (or spiritual capacity) and so, the more virile it is, the more spiritually formidable you are going to be.

Thus, every participant who will pay attention to this highly inspired meditative retreat will surely come away as a living proof that God is pure truth, not the lie that the organized religions try to make him look like. This is because your faith is going to be driven home to your subconscious realms via a blisteringly factual and practical approach that employs a modern use of language.

So, you can't survive this unless you are brutally honest to your own self. You have to challenge yourself in these or similar word arrangements:

1. Do I REALLY believe in God?
2. Whether my answer to item (1.) above is 'yes' or 'no', am I REALLY and absolutely certain that God is REAL?
3. If I was among those evangelicals attacked by Jihadists while they were in the presence of their Heavenly Daddy, what - in all honesty - would you have done.

Our emphasis remains on being real all through. You will be so happy to feel the warmth of being truly in a heart-to-heart connection to the Almighty Creator who became a person like you for your sake through His Christ. So, meditate on this till the next episode. You can use the video below to help you grow emotional closer to God in preparation for our next episode:

What you have passed through is a part of an online retreat meant to make God real, far beyond what religious dogma may have afforded you. So, if you would like to be a part of this free online retreat, simply join our Facebook group here (click) or follow @rhymespeakC on Twitter. Otherwise, for a more seamless experience, you can just subscribe to this blog by using the 'Subscribe' button at the top of the page. Thank you.


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