BEHOLD HOW POWERFUL THOU ART: Natural Secrets To Spiritual Powers For Every Human (Intro Episode 2)

WARNING:  Dear Reader! Here is a reminder: This is a free-for-all online meditative retreat that is deeply inspired to expose YOU to you in a way you may never have imagined in your life. At the end of it, you are going to be able to start manifesting extraordinary abilities through the application of your inbuilt faculties. So, if you must be a part of it, you need to prepare your mind. Then, although it is 100% free of charge, it may not be for you. Therefore, find out below if it is really for YOU. 

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My name is Desmond. With time, you will get to know a lot about me - because I've really been through a lot. My experiences have been the main source as well as the background of these lessons I am here to share with you. 

I am not a millionth as important as the message I have for you. So, while you will get to hear some of my stories, in the meantime, I have something particularly important to share with you. It's about the Supernatural YOU. One thing is sure: If you are an earnest seeker, I promise you that this is going to be your greatest time investment ever. Best of all, it is 100% free... although it's not for everyone as we will see below.

I have received a new dimension of the ancient secret of spiritual power and I am sharing it freely in an online retreat tagged 'Behold How Powerful' (BHP). The creator knew that he was sending us into an extremely challenging world. So, he pre-equipped and authorized us to ride above and rule over these enormous challenges. Alas that over 95% of people instead choose to live overwhelmed by these challenges. They will rather whine, live in fear and complain and call the Creator wicked than use the power the Creator gave for good. How miserable they are! Yet, how masterly they should be. It's such a shame!

Therefore, in this practical new revelation of the ageless secret of power, I am inspired to take you through just three stages of self-realization. Although no human being ever stops developing further, these 3 stages promise to help you realize yourself enough to start ruling your world by means of your personal spiritual authority over disease, demons, lack, social difficulties, forces of insecurity, and so much more.

To make it interesting, I will be releasing the lessons piecemeal. They are spiced with illustrative videos, photos, and exercises. The stages will hopefully last for about 7 weeks and the three stages are simple:
1. Know yourself really.
2. Know God really (rather than religiously)
3. Know yourself fully

So, I am being led to give the secret all out as I have received it. And I am doing so absolutely free of charge. That's because it is beyond any price tag and it is for WHOEVER whether rich or poor, religious or non-religious, black, red, or white... WHOEVER.

Yet it's not for everyone. So, these are the kinds of people that will truly and fully benefit from the retreat:
1. You must be a genuine seeker of the truth. In other words, the Truth and nothing but the TRUTH is your highest value.
2. You must be proficient in the English Language at an average high school level in most countries. This is because we are going to be making ample references to modern learning (sciences, arts, etc) in order to drive the lessons home.
3. You must believe that there is a world in existence and you are an integral part of it.
4. You must believe the historicity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that he was a specially unique case in history. This does not mean though that you must be attending a church or even be a nominal Christian at all.


What you have passed through is a part of an online retreat meant to make God real, far beyond what religious dogma may have afforded you. So, if you would like to be a part of this free online retreat, simply follow @rhymespeakC on Twitter. Otherwise, for a more seamless experience, you can just subscribe to this blog by using the 'Subscribe' button at the top of the page.


The next episode is here (click).


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