A Solidarity of Prayer Against COVID-19: Let's Pool Our Spiritual Resources In These Three Simple Steps

Image credit: Pexels.com

Believe it or leave it, whenever and wherever we pool our spiritual resources, unimaginable things cannot but happen. This is not about religion. It's rather about spirituality (reality). So, let's join our spiritual forces in a union of prayer thus:

1. PRAY PERSONALLY AND IN WORD: "Oh you senseless of people" says the Lord, "do you think that he who made the ear cannot hear? Or that he who made the eye cannot see?". (Psalm 94:8,9). 

Many of us have been wasting our spiritual resources on negative emotions like fear and worry over COVID-19. That's certainly because we have lost sight of God and what he can do. Now, let's realize ourselves and use what we have: the power to reach Heaven from the Earth. Take the above Heavenly rebuke to heart. It's not just an ancient rebuke. Instead, it makes absolute logical sense even in the most scientific corridors of the 20th Century: He who made the ear must be able to hear and hear far more than the ears that he has made. 

So, take advantage of this unavoidable truth. Pray right into the ear of God against COVID-19. Say whatever you want God to do to the virus. Don't forget to also pray using the words instructed by the Christ: "Our father who art in Heaven...etc" (Matthew 6:9ff and Luke 11:2ff).

2. ENFORCE YOUR PRAYER SPIRITUALLY: Don't just pray. Instead, enforce your prayer. How do you do this? Use the invisible YOU (what is variously called mind, spirit, soul, etc) to push the prayer into realization. You are so powerful but you often do not know it - not as you should at least. So, see what to do: VISUALIZE a situation where your prayer has already been answered. See it really and continue to see a situation where COVID-19 has been stamped out of existence completely. It is called creative visualization in our time. But it was revealed by Jesus Christ and other great teachers of history far before this century. For example, Jesus is quoted as saying "therefore, I tell you, WHATEVER you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" (Mark 11:24). So, use your inner eye to see what you have asked for about COVID-19 and continue to see that. Let it be so real to you that you begin to spontaneously praise God for the wonders he has done by ending COVID-19.

3. LET OTHERS DO AS YOU HAVE DONE: As thousands and millions of us comply to items 1 and 2 above, let's see what happens. Believe me, I am sure that this is the most powerful approach to end the viral scourge. But we are not going to know until we have done it. So, to let others do as you have done, kindly share this post to your network.

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