How To Live In ZERO FEAR & Why

Know that every fear
Is of losing something dear
And that fear fills everywhere
Causing a million tear and wear
Subtracting from your wholesome cheer

You go to an exam feeling drear.
You lose money here and there
As a function of not reasoning clear.
You achieve less than your average peer
Just because you live in fear

If you live in fear of any kind, I urge you to draw close and let me share with you a big revelation I got about how and why to live without fear all the days of your life. I lived in grave fear of dying for many years. Then, each fear cradled in a corner of my heart as an innocent-looking question or an alarming thought:

1. I hope I'm not going to be the next victim of an auto crash.
2. Are you sure I won't lose my job?
3. Is it possible a hacker is just around a web corner right now wanting to empty my bank?
4. Oh, what will my retirement days be like?
5. Will I grow to a ripe old age?
6. Will my children adore me or despise me?
7. Will I retire rich or poor?
8. What is life after death like?
9. Is it possible some terrorists are planning chemical and biological warfare right now?
9. And more and more and more.

First, I thought it was normal to live that way. Next, I never knew that the invisible fear resident in my inner realms was the cause of every problem I had. I only knew it inarticulately that fear was some kind of problem. But I didn't realize the full extent of what a behemoth of a problem that it was.

Once, as I read a novel about sailors and their experiences at sea (I can't even remember the name of the novel now), all of a sudden it happened: It was as if a huge door was let open in my spirit and I got this clear view of what was happening to me all these years.

Once, I saw clearly what was happening to me, I was also inspired with a clear idea of what to do to come out of fear. No, it was not some kind of rituals. Instead, it is all about connecting one simple reason to another simple reason to finally arrive at a clear level of reasoning that sees fear simply fizzle away and never return to your heart ever again. It is much like shining a bright beam of light into a dark room to have the darkness simply unexisting. I call this the Zero-Fear Correlation (Z-FC).

While Z-FC might sound like the name of a soccer team, always remember in our subsequent discussions what we mean by it. But, then, you will find that, just like soccer, Z-FC is a form of entertainment that leads to psychological and mental upliftment. But, unlike soccer, it targets what is innermost in you.

In fact, the poem you read at the beginning of this post was a product of Z-FC (To be continued)


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