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Image credit A simple way to solve any inter-gender relationship problem is to approach it from the core of our own individual makeups. It is like the auto engineer approaching car problems from the standpoint of the engine. Many people seem to have realized this already. But, quite often, the actual explication of such deep-going approaches are couched in technical lingo and rigor, thereby denying millions access into the deep open realms in our individual psyches that hold the answer to most of our problems in life. Here, however, I endeavor to remove that technical barrier to enable anyone free access into what may have, hitherto, been a region of the 'initiated' of sorts. The Need To Understand The Inter-gender Reality "Physical attraction may be as old as time ," says , "but new studies are beginning to uncover the science behind sex appeal" . What does that tell you? It basically says that the sexual aspects of our lives have beg

How To Live In ZERO FEAR & Why

Know that every fear Is of losing something dear And that fear fills everywhere Causing a million tear and wear Subtracting from your wholesome cheer You go to an exam feeling drear. You lose money here and there As a function of not reasoning clear. You achieve less than your average peer Just because you live in fear If you live in fear of any kind, I urge you to draw close and let me share with you a big revelation I got about how and why to live without fear all the days of your life. I lived in grave fear of dying for many years. Then, each fear cradled in a corner of my heart as an innocent-looking question or an alarming thought: 1. I hope I'm not going to be the next victim of an auto crash. 2. Are you sure I won't lose my job? 3. Is it possible a hacker is just around a web corner right now wanting to empty my bank? 4. Oh, what will my retirement days be like? 5. Will I grow to a ripe old age? 6. Will my children adore me or despise me? 7. Will I re

Why Was Google Named 'Google'?

Have you ever wondered why Google was named 'Google' by its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin? If you need to know, here is an answer for you. Google was named 'Google' as a deliberate misspelling of the word 'googol'. 'Googol' refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeros just as 'million' refers to number 1 followed by six zeros. It is 1 multiplied by 10 and raised to the power 100. Why then did the founders choose to identify their new brainchild with googol? It was because they were dreaming that google would one day contain large amount of information. Initially, the search engine was named BackRub because of the fact that it was coded to rank web pages by checking the BACKlinks to it. But, why did they decide to misspell the word 'googol'? No one knows exactly, but some people say that they did so to create a clear-cut brand name. Others say that the boys actually did not know the correct spelling for 'googol'. Then