THE PALM OF THE POPE: What With The Papal Kiss and Slap?

Why are people this vile? Why do they say they want the truth but hate the truth when they find it live? Why are so many people hating on a man so free, so honest, so child-like, so Christ-like in preference to cover-ups, people who carry themselves like ancient monarchs in public only to swap documents in secret? What with the papal kiss and slap?

A pope who's not just papal
But also human, personal
Who is unpretentious and total
Is a future church's saint material 

For the last few days now, social media has been awash with topics about Pope Francis in contrast to his predecessor. First, it was the celibacy book that had the name of Benedict XVI on it that drew endless comments. Then came the twin events of the Pope slapping off a woman's hand and kissing another on the cheek and on request.

My attention has been drawn to endless anger that people, especially Catholics(!) have expressed at the Pope, following these events. So, here, I want to respond to these expressions of anger. In essence, I am using events from the life of Jesus Christ himself to prove to you that Jesus would have responded exactly the same way the meek Pope did in these instances cited.

Here is a video of the Papal slap:

If you have watched the video, now I ask you: what else should the old man have done under that circumstance? Here is a Pope who is so close to people, he came to shake hands with them. He touched the hands of as many as he could. 

Since there was a crowd and each of them was clamoring for his touch, he couldn't continue the physical touch in one direction only and tried to reach out to the flock on the other side (after all, the impartation was not supposed to be by a physical touch only). But what did this selfish faithless woman do? She extended her hand to the Pope's and clutched it. 

That was not enough for the woman, so she pulled the old man to herself, not caring about his age nor about other people that the Pope needed to reach out to. Too selfish of her! The old man still kept his cool, but this demon-possessed woman was not done yet. So, she kept holding on to the Pope. 

What do you think is the reason she kept holding on to the Pope that way? The considerate Pope did not and will never tell the world what transpired between the woman's hand and his but I will tell you what I got by inspiration: The woman was carnally drawn towards the Pope and was pinching his palm with her forefinger in what is known as 'fuck me sign'. The reason the woman did that was because she misconstrued the Pope's advocacy for women to be given more recognition in the Church. She thought the Pope was actually carnally interested in women.

The woman has seduced many priests and bishops before. She brags about it. She wanted to make her biggest catch in the Pope. The 'fuck me sign' she made on the palm of the Pope is what aroused godly anger in the man of God which made him respond instinctively by slapping off the woman's ungodly hand.

It was in this manner also that Jesus responded when people were desecrating the temple in Jerusalem by turning it from a place of prayer to a place of profit-making. Didn't Jesus give them a Divine beating? So, what with the Papal Slap any way?

As for the Papal Kiss, imagine, just imagine for once, that the Pope refused the woman's request for a kiss just a week after he 'slapped' another and a few days after he preached against violence against women! The profit-seeking media would have tagged him a hypocrite to gain more traction and make more filthy money off the beautiful name of the Pope. They would have asked questions like, "what's wrong if a Pope kissed a woman casually on request?" and more.

The Pope's action, however, wasn't dictated by what the media would say but by the inner spirit. I did not get any express revelation on this but I think the considerations in the Pope's heart when the woman asked for a kiss was similar to what Jesus thought and eventually expressed when the town's prostitute came and wept tears at his feet and poured oil on it (cf. Luke 7:36 - 50). The Pope was probably thinking, "let me not leave her feeling unaccepted. Let me make her feel loved by the Christ I represent". Jesus converted the prostitute to godliness by making her feel accepted rather than forsaken.

And what with the Pope kissing a woman any way? Here is a story to show you how guiltless the Pope is and how guilty YOU are in contrast, just for worrying about the papal kiss:

Two monks were said to be trekking to a distant village one day. Let's call them Brothers Francis and Benedict.

As they were traveling, they came to a river which they needed to cross to get to their destination. There was no bridge across the river. So, they were to wade through the water.

There was a young beautiful lady who also needed to get to the village across the river but she could not wade through the burgeoning water. So, she asked the monks for assistance.

"Please dear brothers" she pleaded, "kindly help me to get across".

Brother Benedict walked on but, without thinking twice, Brother Francis lifted the lady to his shoulder and moved into the water.

After the two monks had crossed the river with the lady, Brother Francis dropped her and she thanked them profusely for their kindness. Then, the monks parted ways with the lady.

Then, after the two monks had walked in their direction for about a mile or two, Brother Benedict began to shrug his shoulders.

"What's up with you brother?" Francis asked, with care in his eyes.

"You really did a great evil today Brother Francis, and I can no longer be silent about it" said Benedict, turning a wry stare at Francis.

"What have I done wrong brother?" asked Francis.

"How could you have carried a woman across your monky shoulder and for all the minutes we waded through the river" said Benedict, making a squeamish face at Francis. "Didn't you care about the holy life of a monk to which you were called oh Brother Francis?".

"Believe me Brother Ben" said Francis, "I don't understand what you are saying. Please make it clearer".

"I am talking about the lady you carried on your shoulder while we crossed the river"

"Oh, I'm sorry Brother Ben, I now realize" said Francis. "See how I carried the lady on my body and dropped her over an hour ago but you are still carrying her in your soul. Brother, kindly drop her now that you might travel light to the village and to Heaven".

I'll be right back.


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