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Did you set any goal for yourself in 2019? How much of your goal did you achieve? If you answered 'no' to the first question, you are as good and great as a goat. Well, I am only alluding to that saying that “he who has no goal is as good as a goat”. 

The above sarcasm, however, is to stress that you need to have a SPECIFIC goal this year. By this, I mean, you should have just ONE THING you want to achieve by the end of the year. It is where all your active and passive energies will be channeled.

Whatever you are going to be working on each of the 365 days of the year will directly or indirectly be leading you to achieve that one goal. If at any time you are resting, you are doing so to get back your energy to keep working on that one goal. If you are involved in recreational activities, it is to get yourself healthy and mentally toned to achieve that one goal. 

To help you, consider the example of the GOAL post on a football field. Throughout the 90 minutes of play, all the efforts being made by the 11 players on each side and their coaches is to put the ball through a GOAL. Even when they go to rest during the half-time break, it's in order to return, better prepared to do just ONE THING: Put the ball through a GOAL.

So, the first step I recommend for you if you want to be fulfilled at the end of 2020 is to set a specific goal RIGHT NOW.


STEP ONE: In your mind, try to see a picture of your life on December 31st 2020.

Allow your mind
To see a picture,
Not of behind,
But of the future.

What do you like the picture of your life to be by 31st December 2020? See that picture in your mind NOW, and continue watching it. Enjoy watching that beautiful picture of your life where it is EXACTLY the way you want it to look by December 31st. Spend a whole day watching that picture any time you can find the time. It is recommended that you read this rhyme entitled 'Break With Your Past; Do That Fast' to help you in doing this well.

STEP TWO: Watch that beautiful picture of yourself for another whole day. Don’t mind: Great preparation is not a great waster of time but a great saver of it.

STEP THREE: On the third day, sit down and write down what that picture contains. If you saw yourself defeating Deontay Wilder in a boxing challenge by December 31st 2020, then, your goal with read something like: To defeat Deontay. Or, if you want to buy or build your own estate, you can write, "to have my own estate'. One thing is sure: As Napoleon Hill put it:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive
And believe,
It can achieve.

And for us,
If you can desire it
It's because
You can acquire it

After you've set the goal, follow these steps to get the goal. 

STEP ONE: After setting and writing down your goal, ask yourself: “What and what steps will I take from HERE that will lead me THERE". ‘HERE’ stands for the present physical picture of your life while ‘THERE’ refers to:

The mental picture
of a REALIZABLE future
that you can capture.

In fact, THERE refers to that future itself, not just the picture of it.

STEP TWO: Now, start writing all the steps (with a pen and on a white clean paper) that you can start taking NOW. Put them down as they occur to you. For instance,
If you are the guy
Planning to demystify
In a year
even when this day,
you are as light as air,
YOU CAN AT LEAST START BY WORKING OUT. So, maybe, you will write, “work-out sessions every morning”. If it is to become a Grammy-worthy musician you are aiming at by December 31st, you can say that your very first step is to write a song that deserves a Grammy. If it is a New York Times bestselling author you want to become by the day 2020 will be closing, you can, at least, start by scribbling some ideas for the world-transforming book that will merit an NYT Bestseller status. If you want to be reckoned as a social media influencer by the last day of this year, you can start by creating an account on the social media platforms where you are going to be giving out the values you came into the world, packaged to deliver. Well, these are only examples, in case you have forgotten.

STEP THREE: Go ahead to, calmly but painstakingly add other steps to your list. Make changes if you realize that, perhaps, you’ve got the sequence of the stages wrong or if you make any other error (and you will).

STEP FOUR: When you are satisfied with your list, transfer it from the rough paper to a new white clean (preferably plain) sheet of paper.

STEP FIVE: Go through your list every morning to tick on the steps you have achieved or decide on the step to work on or keep working on.

If you do this, you can only be very happy and fulfilled by the end of December 2020. Try it and see. 

And did I need to tell you this? If you REALLY want to achieve your goal, listen to Zig Ziglar thus:

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want".

Some people think that they get better by not wanting others to get better. What a deep subconscious lie! Instead, when you want it well for others, you end up opening your own subconscious mind to great possibilities without realizing it. Try this by sharing this message with your social media circle with the intention to help them achieve their goals and see how good you will feel. That feeling is a manifestation of an inner transformation that you just had. It is a sign of greater things to come.


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