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Come on let's use this opportunity
To reflect on the gravity
Of our personal-level insecurity
In this our global community

We look to government 
To use their armament
To protect our environment 
And ourselves from detriment

But that is not the dimension
Where we are channeling our vision
In this unique erudition 
About what really is protection

We think it's a grave matter
Even if it's a mere mingling of data
That our planet is getting hotter
And there might be a global scarcity of water

The grim data we throw around
Were made from insecurity ground
By the reason of which we are bound
To be fearful, our faces frowned

Our minds also frowned 
At one another, all-round
So, we lose our calm
And so besmirch our palm

The Iranian warring the American
The Russian worried of Kazakhstan
The Australian hating the African
Yet every one of them is a human

The world wars we've fought
Were solidly backed by the thought
That, someone, thought ill of our lot
Whether this was true or not

Take off your insecure feelings
Which can't save you from killings
But may actually remove your ceilings
And strike off your wallings

No wonder the best books on earth
Teach that it's by faith
That we truly live
Without living in grief!

Don't be scared stiff
As if you've jumped off a cliff
Fearing you might give
For there's no history in the world of 'if'


The verses above constitute a developing thought aimed at helping us escape from the shackles of fear which is the greatest enemy everyone of us has. It is to the extent that you understand the message that you can apply it. And it is to the extent that you apply it that it will work for you. So, consider joining The RhymeSpeak Facebook Group where we discuss these highly important but cryptic messages in plainer language.

You will be happy if you do,
Now, I say to you
Thank U.

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