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Fellow parents, I have a secret for you,
Of how demons possess kids for real:
I tell you, spirit is truly true
But it's not true some way religion may appeal
Rather religion has just a shade of the hue
But from there, we can an entrance steal
Into the real world of the will
Which to you, even YOU,
I mean YOU reading this still
Will know is the True

Spirit is nothing new,
It’s always been in the dew
As in water and in you

It's the Spirit of the Divine
Which in all things has a line
It is in all things true
It is Reality, YOU
In this body packet, you
I know you have a clue
Now about the True,
Jesus the Jew
Jesus was a Jew, yes
Yet he is the True, yes
The True is the one who God is called
Who made them all, the endless world
Who’s always new, yet he’s the Old
Who is reality All'd

He wants his world
From east to west
To give its best
From last to first

See how a demon possesses a kid
It’s by the kid following a wrong lead
In word and in deed
That is the real spiritual weed
That corrupts a child’s creed
Which manifests in deed, indeed

Bad example is the demon people
It’s that real, that simple

Your child's creed
And its consequent deed
And its portrayal as a weed
Could be a manifestation of YOUR deed

Teach your child to read
And, tomorrow, he will lead
The pack of those who never did need
To upgrade their awareness feed.

For those of you who don't know me already, my name is Desmond. I am receiving a series of special messages that will solve many of humanity's nagging problems. These solutions will concern mundane problems like money, pets, sports, food, art and craft as well as essential ones like relationships and spirituality. The messages I am receiving are being given to me in a poetic form just as the psalms were given to King David and other inspired authors. God is as progressive as he is conservative which is an aspect of His absolute Divine uniqueness. So, don't be surprised if my poems speak to the marrow and yet are as synthetic as rhyme. It may also speak of spirituality in scientific parlance, and vice versa. The verses you have read above constitute one such message-in-rhymes (the modern psalms). As you must have seen, it speaks of TODAY's realities in today's language but with the hallowed stance of verse which has kept the psalms fresh after donkey centuries - for those whose spirits need transcendence.

So, the above poem is addressing the role of example in raising a child. Quite often, we complain that our children are not living up to our expectations. Yet, the poem makes us realize how much we could be responsible for what we complain about in our children. The future needs our individual investments of example.

The poem ends by giving an example of a very important way we can show that example: It is by teaching our children to value knowledge enough to seek it often by reading great books. We can really and actually teach them by our own example in actually reading ourselves. It is also to buttress the fact that ignorance (which comes from being misled) is the demon people talk about and think its something else. In essence, this poem is focused on three main and interconnected themes:

1. The role of our own example in raising our kids (as adults, parents, and teachers).
2. The role of a reading habit in the kids becoming an asset (or otherwise) in the future.
3. Therefore, the importance of reviving the entirety of humanity's reading culture that is now under attack by the TV and the social media culture.

To help you get the value of reading in a setting of TV, I have started hosting the World's first seasonal novel entitled THE ZOORIA REPUBLIC. It is themed on the background causes of colonialism and neo-colonialism in Africa. Basically, the book shows how Africa could have and can actually lead the world by valuing knowledge more. A clue: Africa has more of the stuff of which greatness is made while the rest of the world has more of the mold for making (ie. shaping) the stuff into greatness.

If Africa ever picks this message, the continent will rule the world in just half a century. But if they fail to pick the message and the rest of the world does, Africa will be so far behind the rest of the world that they would not qualify to participate in pan-human contests like the FIFA World Cup and Google Science Fair in a century's time. 

As already hinted on, the story is being told in a seasonal format. So, instead of you to suffer the ache of sitting in one place to read the whole story in one long stretch of hours, you will have to read just one episode every week. RIGHT NOW, you can get a free preview or the entire episode 1 of season 1 of the story HERE (Click).

To get more rhymed news and messages for free from time to time on Facebook, Join The RhymeSpeak Facebook Group. If you read a rhymed message but you can't understand aspects of it, you can raise your point at the group and have deep souls (including the author) to help you to understand better for greater. Yes, the more you understand each rhymed message, the more you will benefit from it

You will be happy if you do,
Now, I say to you
Thank U.

Love from Desmond.


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