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In history books,  It's known as AD or BCE But in theology books,  It's known as the New Testament but see It's just a new order Where it is  That the grace of God and our faith in it Are revealed as higher truth, a reality  closer to Reality  Than legality Which includes the laws Of both nature and spirituality.  Than legal systems in all doors And rooms of societal shores As well as the realm of wars, The natural laws.
The New Order exonerates you  From killing animals on God's altar As it frees you  From dying or getting weaker So keep  His word
Thou shalt not be sick,  Says the Lord
God made my body a masterpiece But Sickness wants it piece by piece  So, what more lesson can you learn here than this: That Sickness is Satan, for it is Working against God's masterpiece You must understand this, please, If you want to live in eternal peace  Undisturbed by the sickening fleas This is real, Jeeeeeez!  But you must understand it, please  For you to enjoy it in the fullness of peace


Since last one week,
How many times have you paid for one or another? Each pay was a leak Through your pocket and into another
Uneasy lies The head that wears the crown  And unease creates The circle that rules the town
Nothing good  Comes easy; It's usually through a hand, dingy and greasy.
Money comes in from Earning and saving And goes out Through buying, craving
It's hard to earn and save And easy to buy and crave It's why the hard get rich, A status the soft-poor will never reach Until they occupy a hard niche
Look for something For which the ease-seeking poor itch But cannot have in their easy ditch Then, take the hard road of providing The value they want but can't have dropping And into your pocket, theirs would come leaking And we say, "you're more earning; "You're richer", your praises ringing
You've got to take off  The ease-seeking mind And become A value-seeking kind And you will, one-eyed, Rule in the land of the blind Blind from being soft - the status the poor h…


Come on let's use this opportunity
To reflect on the gravity Of our personal-level insecurity In this our global community
We look to government  To use their armament To protect our environment  And ourselves from detriment
But that is not the dimension Where we are channeling our vision In this unique erudition  About what really is protection
We think it's a grave matter Even if it's a mere mingling of data That our planet is getting hotter And there might be a global scarcity of water
The grim data we throw around Were made from insecurity ground By the reason of which we are bound To be fearful, our faces frowned
Our minds also frowned  At one another, all-round So, we lose our calm And so besmirch our palm

The Iranian warring the American
The Russian worried of Kazakhstan
The Australian hating the African
Yet every one of them is a human
The world wars we've fought Were solidly backed by the thought That, someone, thought ill of our lot Whether this was true or not
Take off your insecure feelin…


If someone was a thief Who once lived in that room you rented And even if the thief Has since repented And you got the room repainted To clean off past-tenant spirits That could be lurking in your closets, The landlord and his children May still be opinion-driven But might think it’s a given That you’re also a thief from prison And so, it becomes a reason To take a decision To mount a supervision In your surrounding,
Denying you some oxygen.

As if that's not enough,
Your life gets further tough
As you must monthly cough
Out your rent or get off
'Cos the landlord won't call your bluff
And trump you in a gaming crossruff


Fellow parents, I have a secret for you, Of how demons possess kids for real: I tell you, spirit is truly true But it's not true some way religion may appeal Rather religion has just a shade of the hue But from there, we can an entrance steal Into the real world of the will Which to you, even YOU, I mean YOU reading this still Will know is the True
Spirit is nothing new, It’s always been in the dew As in water and in you
It's the Spirit of the Divine Which in all things has a line It is in all things true It is Reality, YOU In this body packet, you I know you have a clue Now about the True, Jesus the Jew Jesus was a Jew, yes Yet he is the True, yes The True is the one who God is called Who made them all, the endless world Who’s always new, yet he’s the Old
Who is reality All'd
He wants his world From east to west To give its best From last to first
See how a demon possesses a kid It’s by the kid following a wrong lead In word and in deed That is the real spiritual weed That corrupts a child’s creed Which man…

NA WA FOR SOCIAL MEDIA (a rhyme from West Africa)

If a West African says 'na WA for you' S/he means there's fault in the way you do Or say the things you may my dear So, na wa for social media here
Now, you can think up whatever Whether sane or from mental fever And get it into a million minds Across all climes and humankinds By a few button grinds
If someone is dying They don't care about helping Instead, they'd jump and go a-snapping And spend more time to do the posting Meanwhile, the victim is a-dying
So, what a pity About the age of selfie Oh, what a pity.


Don't only plan, also pray And don't only pray, also plan Go every step of the way Knowing that God made each day And is more present than air
Kneel each morning before your Maker, Bring out your note app from your phone, Or you get your pen, paper, and marker And make a list of all you need to be done By the time the day is gone. 
Take the items one after another Talk each over with the Spirit Who made the land and made the water Who will be there in every minute In both the finite and the infinite
Pray with a plan And plan in prayer Get real with God Who's no religious liar And you'll ever be higher

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It's a headline I saw
In my land of dreams
All couched up in
Silhouetted themes

What else did you expect anyway
If not that this is what he'd say?

"Those charges by the democrats of USA
Are spurious, baseless, and a child's play"

He's led the way
In having us pray
In the news today

America's not like any state
And now Trump came to make it great
Yes, great again; not great at all
By building the 21st Century Wall

In case you don't know,
You need that wall
To stem the tide
Of the wall-less lull
Of the worldwide web
And remain tall.

"They're not after me, they're after you.
They want your enemies to conquer you
By pulling down my saving wall
And let the enemy make you fall
So be wise, don't be so dull.

Do you really presume
The President is guilty
Just because he's wealthy?

Poverty might make a man think that way
Without any real attention pay.